ART Workshop   ” Sleepers & Dreamers”  May, 4 – 2014
(5p.m. to 8 p.m.)

Creating a work of art, drawings and collages created around and inspired by the works of Bob Smith, ” Sleepers & Dreamers” currently on exhibition.

Workshop for families and groups ( no more than five people per group) in order to create with you a masterpiece.

The workshop will be led by artists Pablo Carpio and Begoña Rey that will guide you in the creation of the work, using different techniques and languages to achive our goals.

The reaults of this workshop will be on view at the space between May 9 and 15 with an option for sale, and then returned to the creators.


2D ANIMATION Workshop ” Imagine and Animate”  Apr,3 to May,5  – 2014
(Mondays and Thursdays 11:00 / 1:00 p.m.) SENIORS


Participate in the creation of a new cartoon series

. Enhance your creativity and imagination through the exercise of creating stories and familiarise yourself with the use of new technologies.

 Come and see which role suits you better to help us create this first chapter. We are expecting you!

CONTENT: Viewing animations of the past and the present, studying the message you want to convey in the creation of a story, settings and characters. Different techniques of animation through stop-motion and video (drawing – collage – modeling clay)

OBJECTIVE: Creating a chapter of an animated series. Using the language of visual communication for social and personal situations. Approach to new technologies.

RESULT: Chapter “number X” of our own cartoon series.
 Broadcasting it through the web of The ANNEX and local TV stations.
The participants of the activity will take home a copy on DVD of their work.


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