our story

Dr. Caro and Dr. George, both Internists consulting in Williamsburg, merged their practices in the early 1980’s to form Williamsburg Internal Medicine (WIM) to deliver quality personalized medical care under one roof with the philosophy that two heads are better than one for continuity of care.

Multiple medical/surgical specialists joined this venture, now called MedSpan Associates, first located at the corner of Havemeyer and Grand Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Soon, Drs. Nabil and Rebecca Raoof joined the team as primary care pediatric participants attending the health of children in the “Los Sures” neighborhood.

WIM / MedSpan moved to 248 Roebling Street in 1991 and relocated around the corner to its present location, 231 South 3rd Street in 2010.

The new facility is housed in a modern new building with elevator and handicap access. The Founders have taken care to add further ancillary services and specialists to provide patients with high quality medical care in a multi-specialties clinic.